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Let’s Enjoy IT Terminals in Your Hotel Room!
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From1882, the world telecommunication giant NORTEL had led the global communication innovation to develop and produce the world’s first telephone.  It had changed human life style, making indelible contributions to the world economic developments. NORTEL had been the cornerstone of development nearly 100 years, created many telecommunication products legendarily. In 2008 world financial crisis had taken NORTEL entering into bankruptcy protection. However, Nortel’s centenary scientific wisdom, technology innovation still continues.  

Artel System (Canada) Co., has inherited the former communication giant Nortel excellence, continues to design the first touch-keypad telephone and the first one-stop IT products in the world. Its mission is to make the guestroom to be an IT enjoying center. The Artel   i Net ™ series, i Dock™ series, i Siphone™ series, i Blutone™ series are to meet all the hotel IT requirements. Hotel operators and guests who in touch with Artel are highly praised these sets not only the full functions especially the patented physical shape. 

2012,  nearly 6000 guestrooms of Venetian including Conrad, Holiday Inn and the world   biggest Sheraton are using the Artel series. Of course these hotel rooms are the IT enjoying centers.

In order to improve product quality Artel ® has commissioned the HWT as a production center. HWT had been the NORTEL OEM manufacturer for more than 20 years. As the first hotel phone manufacturer in China it is HWT’s mission to produce Artel ® series professionally with high quality to satisfy hotel operators and their guests.

This is Artel ®– International brand with China production expertise.

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